The Bible teaches us that God created everything, and that he has given mankind the responsibilitiy of stewarding his creation.  We honor the Lord with the first-fruits of the blessings that he has poured out on us, not as a tax, exacted by governing authority, but out of a response to His goodness. We give as an expression of our devotion to Him, and our faith that he will continue to provide for us.

We give because God gave first, and we understand that when we are generous with God and those made in his likeness, that the Lord is generous with us.  For where a person’s heart is, there their treassure is also.

For your convenience, we can accept secure online donations via credit card.  We create tax receipts for all donations exceeding $20, generated before the end of February each year, for the calendar year previous.

If you prefer to donate cash or cheque, you may do so at our services, or mail checques payable to Spotlight Church to:

Spotlight Church
356 Ontario St.
Suite 238
Stratford, ON N5A 7X6


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